Posted January 14, 2014 by Owen Fuller

Resolution season is in full swing. For many, that might mean getting into better shape. For marketers, it probably means adding new channels to your content strategy.

I’ve spoken to a few businesses during the holiday season that expressed interest in adding video to their marketing mix. They were hesitant to do so, primarily because they worried if videos would actually generate new leads.

Well, it’s a new year, and you should try new things. Especially if they can translate into new business – which videos can do. Here are three ways creative video boosts your leads.

1. Video Has Strong SEO Value

In case you forgot, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Not to mention, video is prominently displayed in Google search results. When people make queries related to your business, are you going to show up? Or is your competitor?

It’s extremely valuable to get in front of potential customers at the moment they’re looking to make a purchase. Your videos can be found through search by:

  • Giving your video a descriptive title
  • Writing in a relevant and keyword rich description
  • Properly tagging and categorizing your video

Creating video content is a great way to bring in continuous traffic without much future effort on your part.

2. Video Connects Emotionally

Video is unlike any other creative medium. It can combine things like music, copy, visuals, and sound to connect emotionally with viewers in a way that a blog post or infographic can’t come close to.

Movie trailers are a great example video connecting emotionally.  Movie trailers have been amazing lead generators for years. Why? Because in just two minutes, a well-cut trailer can convey a story that connects with you, and elicits desire to see the whole movie.  The same can be done for your product or service.

3. Video Compels Your Audience to Return

Sales are not made on the first visit. Sales are made over time by building familiarity and trust with a brand. Video content is especially effective at bringing people back to your site repeatedly through video series.

One company that does amazing video marketing is Blendtec, a blender company.

Blendtec came up with the extremely popular series, “Will It Blend?” In this video series, Blendtec takes different objects (like an iPad or a hockey puck) and puts them into their blender to see if they will blend.

These videos generate millions of views because the audience is entertained and wants to come back for more. They ask themselves, “What else can they blend?” Has it worked? I’d say so, how many blender companies can you name?

Video might seem daunting to some businesses, but it’s a valuable investment. I hope you understand the long-term value video has to your lead generation. If you have more questions about video content, let us know in the comments.

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