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Are you new to video marketing? Looking for the best place to start your video marketing adventure?

We compiled the a list of the best 32 blog posts about video marketing.

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Why Video Marketing


#1: 25 Online Video Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re still not convinced by the power of video marketing then here are 25 stats to get you on the video marketing bandwagon. Hop on and let’s get going!

#2: Content Marketers’ 2013 To-Do Lists: Online Video is a Must-have

Brenna Fitzgerald, Public Relations and Marketing Manager at Brightcove, uncovers why online video will continue to prosper in the age of social media.

#3: The Truth: Why Every Business Website Needs Video Immediately

Nothing builds rapport, gets traffic, and makes sales like a good video. Derek Halpern tells you exactly why you video marketing WORKS.

How to Create Videos


 #4: Stop Creating Explainer Videos, You’re Doing It All Wrong!

Neil Patel beautifully outlines the framework he uses when crafting the perfect script for the Kissmetrics animated video.

#5: How to Shoot Great Video with an Apple iPhone

Did you know you’re walking around with an amazing video camera in your pocket? This is an excellent post to figure out what other equipment you may need and some cool apps.

#6: Three Rules for Live Video Success, Courtesy of Ustream

With more and more companies creating a live broadcast of an event or conference, how do you separate an average live event from a spectacular one? You’ll definitely want to read this post by Troy Dreier of

#7: 10 Startup Videos You Should Copy

Have a startup or just starting your business? See 10 startup videos that brilliantly deliver their company’s message.

#8: 29 Tips to Make Your Video Marketing Easy

Writers of the very popular blog Social Media Examiner weigh-in on some amazing video marketing tips.

#9: The 12 Most Influential Brand Videos of 2012

The 12 videos highlighted in this post were not only captivating, but the brands behind them understood the need for the video type to act as a conveyor of the overall message.

#10: Stop Making These Three Excuses for Not Creating Videos

Don’t like being on camera, don’t have the budget for high-quality videos or don’t know how to make an interesting video? Then read this post by Drew McLellan.

#11: How-To Use Simple Cut Transitions When Editing Video and Why You Should

Using a simple cut to transition from one clip to another will give your video a clean and professional look. Here’s a simple video to show you how to do it.

#12: The Top 10 Reasons Your Home Page Video Fails at Converting Customers

Michael Litt of Vidyard gives 10 of the biggest mistakes that companies make when creating a homepage video.

#13: DIY Videoscribing and Other Awesome Techniques to Enhance Your Videos

Ever wanted to create your own whiteboard animation? Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income shows you how in this amazing DIY video.

#14: 10 Tips to Maximize Event Coverage Via Video

As companies seek new opportunities to grow the value of event investments, live event reporting is emerging as an expert service that mashes up the virtues sought by traditional PR, SEO and advertising agencies. Video coverage is one way event professionals are promoting and amplifying event content.

#15: How to Promote Your Blog With YouTube Video Marketing

There are many methods to promote a blog such as social media, guest posts, email marketing but video marketing is now a big piece of the puzzle and you cannot afford to ignore it.

#16: Sit Down, Shut Up: 6 Videos That Let The Music Do The Talking

Music is a key component of a great video, it can drive the mood and overall message of a video. Wistia shares 6 fantastic videos that only use music – no words, no narration.

#17: 5 YouTube Channels to Learn Amazing Video Effects

Special effects within a video not only have a MAJOR impact on the look and feel of a video, but can go a long ways to increasing a viewer’s engagement level. Check out Mashable’s list of the top YouTube Channels to learn amazing video effects.

How to Optimize Videos


#18: Building a Video SEO Strategy

In this post, Phil Nottingham of Distilled outlines the core goals that video can provide for SEO, the kind of content required, and the common mistakes made by big and small companies.

#19: Creating Video Sitemaps for each Video Hosting Platform

Great post on the ways you can get rich snippets for each of the major hosting platforms.

#20: SEO for YouTube: How to Search Optimize Video for B2B Marketing

Now that YouTube is the #2 search engine on the web, it’s more important than ever to make sure your videos are optimized for YouTube searches. Discover the 5 key elements of YouTube search engine optimization.

#21: The No Hype Guide To Video Marketing on YouTube

Great no frills post about video marketing from production to editing to YouTube optimization.

#22: How to Use Video in Your Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting is the future of media ad buys. It lets you message to visitors of your website after they leave. Here’s a great post on how to maximize your retargeting spend using video.

#23: 13 Top Video Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

13 founders from The Young Entrepreneur Council share winning strategies for creating online video that is engaging and valuable for potential customers.

How to Get Videos to Spread


#24: How to Make a Viral Video

Discover the characteristics of two of the most viral business videos of all-time and what makes a video go viral.

#25: Viral Videos: How to Create and Promote Videos People Love

Mark Malkoff, the man behind the viral videos known as 171 Starbucks and Mark Malkoff Gets Carried in New York City, unveils his secrets to creating and promoting viral videos.

#26: How to Add Video to LinkedIn’s New Company Profile Feature

Simply put, video is an ideal B2B vehicle for companies, and LinkedIn is the best B2B online network out there. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add video to a company profile on LinkedIn.

How to Increase Sales & Traffic with Video


#27: 5 Clever Ways Your Business Can Use Video to Drive Traffic

Need to jumpstart your creative juices? See how 5 companies are cleverly using video to drive more traffic and sales.

#28: 5 Ways To Use Pinterest For Effective Video Marketing

In 2012, Pinterest was the “it site” ranking as the 3rd most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter. See how you can use effectively use video on Pinterest.

#29: 5 Smart Ways For Using Video To Sell Products

Explore the five techniques that companies can use to better promote their brand or products.

#30: How to Get More Social Mileage Out of Video

True “social video marketing” goes beyond simple YouTube posting. You need to encourage audiences to add their own ideas to the video mix. Here are ideas for getting the most possible social mileage out of your videos.

#31: How to Use Web Video to Win Business and Wow Customers

Web video has a significant influence on consumer purchases, according to AYTM Market Research (Brafton, 2012), and video results appear in roughly 70% of the top 100 listings in search results, according to Searchmetrics (MarketingWeek, 2011). See how you can use video to win over your customers.

#32: Top 10 YouTube Tips and Tricks

Not only is YouTube’s mass market appealing to businesses, but it’s free, mobile ready video player makes it an ideal choice. Here are the top 10 YouTube tips and tricks for businesses to get the most out of the video sharing giant.


#33: The Complete Guide to Video Marketing

Get our 43-page guide and learn how to maximize video views, improve Google rankings and sales and avoid essential video production mistakes.



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