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 5 Ways to Promote Video on TwitterTwitter started out as a service where you told a bunch of your friends what you were doing, where you were going or how bored you were. But it is now a place of breaking news, millions of conversations and a great platform to promote and engage with an audience. In addition, new stats from TubeMogul show that Twitter is quickly growing as a top referrer for web video traffic, far outpacing Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Bing. If you’re not on Twitter, get on it.

Here are 5 ways to promote your TurnHere video on Twitter.

1. Add a Hashtag

Hashtags are Twitter’s way of organizing or tagging tweets. All you have to do is add a “#” before your tag. For example, if you wanted to tag your tweet as “small business” then you put “#smallbusiness”. Notice how I removed the space. Once you have your TurnHere video on your website make sure you tweet a link to it and include a hashtag. Just see how many tweets there are with #smallbusiness, #pizza or #froyo.

2. Add Yourself to WeFollow

WeFollow is a directory of Twitter users organized by interests. It’s a great way to get discovered by those looking for people to follow. Just like you would add your website to a local directory, you should add your Twitter account to WeFollow. You can add yourself to three categories, so get creative with the category you submit to. As of this writing, there are 1,619 Twitter accounts under smallbusiness, but only 7 under froyo. Add yourself to both if it makes sense.

3. Upload Your Video to TwitVid

TwitVid is pretty simple. The service allows you to upload your videos and then tweet them. There are some really cool features like real-time uploads which let your followers actually watch the video while youre uploading it.

4. Shorten Your Links

Twitter only allows 140 characters every time you post, so if you have a really long website URL or have a lot to say then use a URL shortener service. shortens links to something like and even gives you real-time analytics.

5. Tweet @SmartShootInc

We may not have as many followers as Justin Bieber, but we do have a pretty loyal following. It’s @justinbieber for those who just found out he’s on Twitter. Let us know when your video is on your site by including “@SmartShootInc” in your tweet. And don’t forget to follow us as well. It’s a great way to get tips or ask us any questions. We need to take down Bieber.

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