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Engagement Photo by David Ehsan

 Photo by David Ehsan Photography

Themes are a great way to spice up your engagement photo shoot. They can be about a creative location or just something you both love. Engagement photo themes add a unique twist and an additional element of fun by allowing you to dress up in a fashion you rarely, if at all, get the opportunity to do. When choosing a theme make sure to find something that works well for both of your personalities. Never choose something just because your significant other really wants it, you both need to be relaxed and having fun. From romantic to funny, here are 7 ideas for memorable engagement photo themes.

1. Movie Inspired Themes

Everyone has a favorite movie. It can be the movie from your first date or one with a memorable scene you can recreate. A fun romantic favorite is The Notebook or something fun like Harry Potter or Star Wars. Leave a note with your favorite movie theme for a photo shoot in the comments!

Notebook Themed Engagement Photos by Blushing Bride Studio

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2. Holiday Themes

A common choice to use for engagement photos is a holiday theme, especially if your session falls close to one. From hunting for your Christmas tree to wrapping yourselves up in lights, Christmas is an easy holiday favorite and doesn’t involve too much extra work to find all the supplies and preparations for your photo shoot. Whatever holiday theme you choose, there is always a plethora of ways to showcase some holiday flair into your photos.

3. Sports Themes

If you’re a sports loving couple, having a sport’s theme is a great way to incorporate your favorite team or sport into your wedding. You can wear your favorite team jerseys, go to your favorite sport’s venue, or even have a day of fun playing your favorite sport. Plus, guys rarely object to this option.

Couple engagement photos with sports teams

Photograph by Charlie Shin via Smartshoot

4. Superhero Fun

What a better way to get your man more into the photo session than allowing him to be a hero for the day. The fun part about super hero engagement photos is it doesn’t matter whether you love Batman, Superman, or any anyone else. Your location can be anywhere as long as you have the costume supplies. So choose your favorite crime fighter and let your imagination guide you.

Engagement Photo in front of Batman Wall

Photo by Chris Bavaria on SmartShoot

5. Fun in the Rain or Snow

Whether you plan for the rain and snow or are just experiencing inclement weather, take advantage of it. Rain and snow can help create some of the most romantic photos. Use an umbrella, hide under a tree, go sledding, but most of all don’t let the weather bring down your special day together.

Couple Sledding Engagement Photos

Engagement Picture by Rachel Kloss

6. Bright Lights, Big City

Taking photos in the city is a great theme because there is so much to do. You can find wonderful backdrops for your images, as well as share some of your love for your favorite city. Plus if you plan on having a country style wedding theme, it’s a great way to mix it up with your engagement photos.

Engagement Photo by Lyra Lopez on Bridge

 Photo by Lyra Lopez – Find her on SmartShoot

7. Vintage

Vintage themes can be a lot of fun. It can be interpreted for a variety of eras depending upon your view point. They are a great way to instill a bit of the couple’s own individual taste to the photos. You can utilize props, dress up, or even go further with specific locations like a 50’s Diner. Vintage themes offer a special unique vibe to your engagement photos, and allow you to reminisce about the good ol’ days.

Finding the perfect theme is all about the couple. You want to choose something that will be fun and will also help you to relax. Find something you both love and go from there. It doesn’t have to be something for anyone but the two of you. Your engagement photos are all about your love for each other and what you want is what matters.

Engagement Photo on a Mountain Top

Photo by Elicia Bryan. Find her on SmartShoot

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