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There’s nothing that I love more than writing about online video and football (especially Fantasy Football). Hence, I thought I write about an online video strategy in football terms and using only offensive players, because they are the ones that get paid the big bucks and that’s all fantasy usually cares about as well.

Offensive Line – Professional Filmmaker

The key to any successful offense is the ability of the offensive line to run block and provide enough protection for the quarterback to make the necessary reads. Without a good line, you’re left with a mediocre and predictable offense. Same can be said about the filmmaker you choose for your online video strategy. A high-quality filmmaker can make a huge difference between an explosively engaging video versus one where the user stops watching after the first 10 seconds. Simple things like a rack focus, different camera angles and picking the right music have an exponential effect on the engagement of a video.

Quarterback – Company Overview

Arguably the toughest position to play in all of sports and definitely the most important on the football field is the quarterback. He is usually the face of the franchise who gets blamed for a loss and credit for a win. I relate the quarterback position to a company overview video. There are many reasons why people come to your site, but the primary one is to see exactly what you do. Just like a quarterback must take what the defense gives him, you must figure out what really differentiates you from the rest of the competition. Sixty seconds have become the standard length of a company overview video, so rather than figuring out how much you can squeeze into sixty seconds, focus on the two or three things that you want the viewer to leave with. The best quarterbacks in the NFL can make the most precise throws comparatively you want to be really precise with your content.

Running Back – Customer Testimonials

A good running back will take pressure off the quarterback and set up the passing game. Great NFL offenses usually have a balanced attack in both the running and passing game. Customer testimonial videos have a similar role in your online video strategy. They supplement a great company overview video and provide viewers with relate-able content. I find the best commercials are those that have real people not actors.

Wide Receivers – Employee Bios

In football, wide receivers are known to be diva players, constantly getting frustrated when they don’t get the ball, coming up with the most extravagant end-zone dances and starring in their own reality shows. There’s no doubt you have some diva employees, so put them in front of the camera! They are probably great on video and can really talk up your company. I’m only half-kidding here. The real purpose of employee bios is to give potential customers a face to the company. It allows viewers to see that real people work there and hey the Director of Online Marketing for TurnHere looks like my old friend from elementary school. For example, if you own a restaurant make a video featuring your head chef. Run a dental office? Shoot your assistants. How about an auto shop? Shoot your best mechanic. Make sure you pick someone who truly enjoys working for your company or else you may have a TO (Terrell Owens) situation on your hands.

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