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“Headshot” is a term used to describe portrait photography that captures the subject’s full face. While these pictures are typically associated with actors and performers, businesses also utilize headshots of their employees for promotional purposes. No matter what your headshot will be used for, it needs to provide a clear and concise view of your face so that you would be recognizable if the person viewing it met you in person.

Male Clothing for Headshots

Headshot Photography by Christopher McDonald

Like all professional photographers, yours will offer a selection of different photography packages catered to match your needs. In general, headshot photographers taking portraits of performers recommend bringing four outfit changes to your photography session: sporty, casual, formal, and business. This is because your agent may submit different headshots to casting directors depending on the particular role.

Male Clothing for Headshots

Headshot Photography by Adam Taylor

Here are a few male clothing for headshots ideas to consider while shopping:

  • A solid-colored V-neck shirt. This kind of top looks flattering on both genders, and is becoming very trendy for male actors. However, you may want to avoid this if you have a skinny neck.
  • A turtleneck. Since a turtleneck encompasses the entirety of your upper body, go for a shade that won’t draw the viewer’s eye away from your face. Avoid black or white turtlenecks, and instead, go for a muted color. Choosing one that compliments your eyes would be best. Turtlenecks are associated with academia and certain professional careers.
  • A suit and tie. This look isn’t necessarily recommended for an actor, but is perfect for a salesman or management-level employee. Similarly, if this headshot will be used for your company’s promotional materials, you might want to consider wearing a formal outfit with an item related to your profession. If you’re a physician, wear a white doctor’s coat over a nice button-up top.
  • A polo shirt. Sporty yet classy, a polo is a versatile top that looks professional and fashionable.
  • Your favorite outfit. This option works if you are a published writer taking headshots for your novel’s cover jacket.

Male Clothing for Headshots

Headshot Photography by Lisha Riabinina

In the last few days leading up to your photoshoot, make sure your clothes are cleaned, dried, and ironed. (Of course, you’ll want to try all of them on one last time before doing this to make sure they are comfortable enough to move around in.) Even though your pants and shoes won’t show, choose ones that make you feel confident. Remember that layers (jackets, vests, etc.) give your photographer more options.

Male Clothing for Headshots

 Headshot Photography by Adam Taylor

Here are a few extras you’ll want to bring as well:

  • Hair care products. Have a brush, comb, and your normal gel or leave-in conditioner with you.
  • A shaving kit. If you’re an actor, you’ll want to take shots with your typical facial hair, plus clean-shaven shots.
  • Visine or other eye-drops. Your eyes will need to be as clear as possible.
  • Exercise and get plenty of sleep the night before your session so you’ll look refreshed and energized. And don’t forget to apply your moisturizer and chap-stick!

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