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As your senior year of high school begins, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your senior portraits. After all, you’ll soon be competing with the rest of your classmates and seniors from other high schools for the timeslots of professional photographers, and it’s the early bird that gets the worm!

Outdoor Senior Picture Locations

Senior Portraits by Cory Steffen


Along with booking a photographer and deciding on what outfit to wear, you’ll need to start thinking about what location you’d like for your pictures. Generally, this means deciding between an indoor or outdoor setting. Outdoor senior picture locations are a very popular pick because of their diversity. Whether you want beautiful sprawling fields or an edgier urban settings, you’ll have more options by going with an outdoor venue rather than an indoor one. Unlike indoor locations, outdoor environments are typically more open to the public and less likely to be closed on weekends or normal after-school hours.

Once you’ve decided that an outdoor environment is the best choice for your senior pictures, it’s time to start looking for your venue. If you don’t know where to start, begin by asking your graduated friends where they took their senior pictures, especially if they can recall the exact spot. Try asking your parents about any unique outdoor areas in town you haven’t been to, or may not recall. Do you have a family member who owns property you’re particularly fond of? Taking your senior photos on their veranda or ranch will be a memorable experience, and they’ll love bragging to their friends about it. Another sentimental option is taking senior pictures at a special place at your high school, such as underneath the tree where you eat lunch with your friends, or the field football where you’ve played for the past few years.Outdoor Senior Picture Locations

Senior Portraits by Mary Campbell

While outdoor senior picture locations are a lot less stringent than indoor locations about professional photography, make sure you know whether the site is public or private property. If it’s the latter, you’ll need to speak with the manager or owner about their photography policies. These locations may include the outdoor area of a restaurant, the courtyard of a hotel or museum, or even interesting architecture downtown. It’s better to have your photography request rejected by the owner before you show up rather than not getting permission beforehand and having to cut your session short.

Outdoor Senior Picture Locations

Senior Portraits by Cory Steffen

If you are still having trouble selecting an outdoor location for your senior portraits, talk to your photographer about your dilemma. He or she will certainly know about great locations in your city, especially if they’ve been doing local senior pictures for years. You could also go online and browse photography galleries of nearby landmarks.
Outdoor Senior Picture Locations

Senior Portraits by Carolyn Schneider

Remember to dress accordingly to the outdoor location you select. What you’re wearing and where you’re posing will make a statement. If you want to take your pictures in front of artwork downtown, wear a trendy dress or a modern-looking jacket. If you’d rather take photos in a clearing of trees, consider an outfit like skinny jeans and a long, flowing top. No matter what, pick a location where you can feel comfortable and let your true self shine through.

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