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Selling an office building is very different from selling a residential home. Putting warm cookies on the table may help to sell an emotionally driven home purchase, but it will get you little more than laughs from your commercial real estate buyers.

Commercial property is bought for different reasons than residential property and it’s necessary to understand these reasons before creating a video to entice buyers to check out your location. Purchasing agents want to know that organizations will be able to move in quickly and conduct business efficiently once they begin leasing out the building. Less (if any) of the buying decision takes place due to the ‘at-home’ feeling one gets when viewing commercial property in real estate videos.

Preparing Commercial Property For Sale

Real Estate Photography by Lisa Fenderson

Commercial property must be prepared before a sale can take place. It certainly must be prepared before being captured on video! Here are three aspects of your property to consider working on before spending money on a film crew to showcase your commercial property.

1. Fix Up Disheveled Parking Lots

In some ways, commercial real estate is very similar to residential real estate. One of the main ways it will be judged is on its curb appeal.

In the same way that a residential house will be perceived as less valuable if the front yard looks messy on film, commercial property will be valued lower (a lot lower!) if the parking lot looks neglected.

If the lines designating parking spots are wearing away put on a new layer of paint because otherwise they will look terrible on video. If the concrete itself is falling apart, you may want to repave the entire lot as a cracks are all too obvious in HD footage.

Preparing Commercial Property For Sale

Real Estate Photography by Lisa Fenderson

Though this may seem like a large investment, consider that every potential buyer who watches your video will be interested in the quality of your lot. You don’t want the first impression of your building to be that that the lot needs a new paintjob and experienced buyers will quickly notice if you conveniently avoid taking shots of the ground.

2. Hire A Crew To Clean Your Building Exterior

If your building looks weathered it will be less attractive to buyers. If its once white exterior is turning grey it will give the perception that the inside of the building is probably on the older side as well.

Hiring a crew to make the exterior of your building look new is one of the best investments you can make a few days before the film crew arrives to gather video. A strong power wash can take years of weathering off of a building, vastly increasing its perceived value on camera.

Preparing Commercial Property For Sale

Real Estate Photography by Steve Parish

Don’t forget to pay the cleaning crew to do the windows! Dirty windows make a building look neglected but windows that have just received work will shine on camera. As long as your cleaning crew arrives within one week of your film crew you will have spectacular, glistening windows to show off on video.

3. Don’t Forget The Roof

More so than anything else, the quality of your roof will speak highly to the quality of the rest of your building. A roof that hasn’t gotten care in a long time is a giveaway that other parts of the building may need investment as well.

Preparing Commercial Property For Sale

Real Estate Photography by Steve Parish

If the building you are selling has a slanted roof with shingles or tiles, replace any that have gone missing before filming. They will stand out like a sore thumb on video.

Preparing Commercial Property For Sale

Real Estate Photography by Shane Butler

If the building in question is a warehouse style building with a flat roof, your prospective buyers will probably want a peak to see it’s condition. Even though office-goers won’t venture to the roof, buyers consider this area important because the roof is where most of the ‘guts’ of the building are located. Ventilation systems, heating units, and other important building installments are located here and commercial real estate buyers will want some idea of the condition of these building investments.

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