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Felix Mizioznikov reigns from Southern Florida and his fashion and real estate photos show it. Check out Felix’s advice for fellow photographers and hire him on SmartShoot!

Tell me about yourself. How did you get into photography?

I’m a 35 year old guy with one dog, one child, and one wife. I used to date this girl back in college and her dad was a photographer. This is when I first remember an interest being sparked in photography. I bought my first Canon Rebel and became a sponge with all things photography. I majored in the business and finance related field in college and worked mainly in sales but always made time to take photos.Felix Mizioznikov Wedding Portfolio

You are a very versatile photographer. What kind of subjects really reel you in? What catches your eye to compel you to photograph it?
I’m very attracted to photographing interior spaces. What really catches my eye is not necessarily what I see but how I can light what I see and make it become something extraordinary.Felix Mizioznikov Real Estate Portfolio

Any projects that you’re working on that you’re excited about?
My most exciting project is ongoing and is shooting aerial video for commercial productions with my drones.Felix Mizioznikov Portrait Portfolio

Who are your mentors? Who do you look to for inspiration?
For photographic inspiration I recently discovered the life and work of Vivian Maier. She was able to find beauty and tragedy around every street corner.Felix Mizioznikov Portrait Photography Portfolio

With the barriers of getting into photography becoming fewer, how are you staying competitive in the quickly changing field?
Staying competitive in photography has very little to do snapping photos. It’s all about personality and being on time. Focus on people’s needs and don’t concern yourself with gear.Felix Mizioznikov Portrait Photography Portfolio

What do you wish someone told you when you were just starting out? Any advice for fellow photographers?
If you had 100 million dollars in the bank and could have any job or business you wanted to do but you would never get any pay, what would you do?Felix Mizioznikov Portrait Photography Portfolio

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