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When Elizabeth Ruvalcaba (a long-time SmartShoot filmmaker) needed to shoot internationally on behalf of her Fortune 500 client, she became a customer of SmartShoot, using the platform to connect and collaborate with other SmartShoot filmmakers around the world.

“We needed to film internationally, and the project did not have a travel budget,” Ruvalcaba explained. “So we were tasked with finding international videographers. Some of the footage we needed was at live events, so finding trusted filmmakers who would be professional and would show up on time was huge for us. That’s where SmartShoot came in.”

International Video ProjectElizabeth Ruvalcaba of ALAS Media

“I have been a filmmaker myself on the platform for several years,” she said. “I have worked on hundreds of projects and know how serious SmartShoot is about deadlines and responsible filmmakers.” Ruvalcaba, working with her production company ALAS Media, leveraged her knowledge of the SmartShoot platform on a recently completed project for a Fortune 500 company. The challenge was twofold: budgetary and linguistic.

“We needed professionals in several countries who could film and edit for us and they had to be English speakers so we could communicate with them,” she elaborated.

Working with SmartShoot, Ruvalcaba was able to rapidly find several filmmakers in each country, review their portfolios, and connect with them quickly and efficiently.

With a filmmaker serving as the client, one might think the standards for this international video project are higher than usual – notwithstanding the expectations of a Fortune 500 company. Regardless of how high the bar, Ruvalcaba said the SmartShoot pros cleared it.

“The project went great,” she declared. “Everyone delivered on time and I was very happy with the quality of the productions.

“The only challenge we had with these filmmakers was time zones, but they were really accommodating and would stay up late or wake up early to coordinate calls with me.”

Experiencing the other side of the SmartShoot platform as a client, Ruvalcaba had a special appreciation for the platform and the work performed by the professionals who use the platform to get projects.

“The platform was super valuable for me,” reported Ruvalcaba. “It really gave me peace of mind to know that these filmmakers had worked with SmartShoot before.”

As Elizabeth Ruvalcaba can attest, as both a SmartShoot client and filmmaker, the SmartShoot platform is an excellent tool to connect and collaborate with high quality creative professionals, around the globe.

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