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If this is your first time hiring animated explainer video voice actors, the task may feel very daunting! Even though the actor in your animated explainer video will be supported by background music and graphics, his or her voice is the chief element of your video, and binds it all together. Make sure to keep their importance in mind while searching for your voice actor.

Begin your search with a solid idea of how you want your company to be represented. Write a list of the qualities that best fit the voice speaking to your audience. Should it be authoritative or gentle? Young or old? Male or female? How does your audience need to be spoken to? Once you’ve identified these traits, don’t be afraid to include them in your hiring ad. You don’t want to pass up an amazing voice just because they didn’t know what you were looking for.

Animated Explainer Video by Max Curious

When you have a good idea of what you need, post your ad. Websites such as specialize in pairing voice actors with video creators and producers. You’ll be able to browse different profiles and listen to the samples of each actor you’re interested in. Once you’ve identified several candidates, send them the first four lines of your script and ask them to audition.

Along with the voice traits you’ve already identified, look for actors based on a pre-set budget. Hourly voice actor rates vary based on the actor’s experience and how many projects they’ve been in. Expect to see rates based on additional re-recordings as well; asking for changes to their narration is very normal, but it’s still something you need to pay for. Hiring a low-budget voice actor shouldn’t affect the quality of your project, though; there are plenty of talented voice actors who are fresh to the industry, and are willing to be flexible in their pay due to the exposure they’re getting. Still, be prepared to pay more for an actor with plenty of videos under their belt.

Animated Explainer Video by Ezra Productions

Once you’ve hired a voice actor, provide them with all the background information about your company that could benefit them. They may have questions about industry terms they’re unfamiliar with, or not understand why a particular element you’re explaining is important. Your voice actor should be as familiar with your company as any new hire to your marketing team.

In an attempt to save even more money, be on the lookout for a voice actor who also provides musical composition or sound effects. You’ll have a better chance of cutting a full audio deal within your budget if you ask for multiple services in a bundle.

No matter what kind of voice actor you’re searching for, be sure to choose an actor you feel comfortable working with. Imagine yourself as an audience member. Is the actor’s voice appealing? Can you imagine them explaining something unknown to you without sounding patronizing or coddling? Give this decision as much thought as you give the production team you select for your animated explainer video.

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