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One of our advisors recently contacted us with an interesting question:

“When companies we’ve backed raise their next round of financing we want to celebrate the milestone. With pictures! What do you think?”

–  Hunter Walk, Homebrew

The answer on our end was pretty straight forward, “Absolutely. They’re going to be some lucky companies!” I recently chatted with Hunter about how this idea came to be.

Homebrew Gifts SmartShoot Packages to Companies

Homebrew is celebrating its second year of existence as an early stage venture fund. This year they decided to go counter to the usual “fun” stuff of giving clients mugs or clothing with the Homebrew logo. Instead, they wanted to be practical.  After all, as Walk put it recently, “we wanted to celebrate a milestone in a way that was consistent with the idea that there is still a lot of work ahead.

Homebrew is working with its companies who have secured an A round of financing by gifting a SmartShoot package for professional photography or videography services through the marketplace platform, enabling each company to decide how to use whether it’s updating their exec photos, office shots or creating some fun team pictures.

“A meaningful number of (Homebrew) investments are raising additional funding,” Walk said about the out-of-the-box idea. “We are a seed-stage funding firm, so when our investments secure an A round of funding above what we provided, we like to give something practical to honor their progress and be consistent with how we run our firm.”

Walk said Homebrew’s initial intention is to provide this opportunity to its largest investments once they get beyond the seed-stage and secure their first rounds of funding support. While Walk said the initiative is just beginning, “so far our investments have said they think it is pretty neat” to offer SmartShoot services.

“This is just a way for us to congratulate them on a milestone in a practical manner,” Walk said.

Practical? Yes

Creative? Definitely

To all the other VCs and investors out there, how do you celebrate milestones? Do you do any out of the box gifting for your companies? Email me at – we’d love to hear.


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