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While we all know that content marketing involves creating great content, however don’t forget that curating great content is equally important.

With over 181 million active blogs, how do you find content that is not only relevant but valuable to your audience?

And more importantly how do you find this content in as little time as possible?

Let me show you three tools I’ve been using to get more Twitter followers, more retweets, more favorited tweets, and more mentions!

Here are three tools to help you curate AMAZING content and grow your Twitter following.

1) Prismatic


I hate RSS readers! You read the same content from the same sources every day. Sure they’re great for following your favorite bloggers, but I want to find new and interesting content that I can share with my followers.

And besides how can one source produce such amazing content on a daily basis. They can’t!

That’s why I LOVE Prismatic. When you first set up your account, you get to pick all of your interests and favorite blogs. Then the app does the heavy lifting of curating the best content based on my interests and types of blogs I like.

Since using this tool, I’ve come across some amazing blogs such as Social Media TodayJeffbulla’s, and many more.

2) Buffer


Are you following people that tweet 20 messages in a span of 10 minutes? Yeah, me too!

First I tell them to quit hogging my feed. Then I tell them to use Buffer.

It’s free for those who only manage one account per social network so there’s no excuse.

Buffer allows you to share amazing content by scheduling your posts. You can add posts to your account and Buffer will automatically publish your posts throughout the day. I absolutely love this tool.

With Buffer you can also see what kind of tweets resonate with your followers, so you can tailor your content respectively.

3) Tweetbot


One of the ten Twitter Commandments is to thank all who mention, share, or retweet ye’s tweets.

And there’s no better tool to do just that than Tweetbot. This is by far my favorite Twitter iPhone app.

It allows you to get notifications whenever someone retweets your message or mentions you in a tweet, so you can quickly thank that person. Remember, more thank yous equal more Twitter prosperity.

Have a gazillion followers? You can set up Tweetbot so you only get notifications of mentions from people you follow.

Bonus tips

I won’t go too much in detail here because there’s plenty of content around the follow topics, but I thought it was worthy mentioning in case you’re new to Twitter.

  • When sharing content, mention the author in your tweet. Most share buttons on major blogs only mention the blog itself. That’s great but it’s the author that’s writing this great content so mention them in your tweets.
  • Use hashtags, but don’t overdo it! Tweets with one or two hashtags receive 21% higher engagement than those with three or more hashtags. (source: BuddyMedia)
  • Analyze your tweets! Buffer can show you the number of clicks, favorites, and retweets each message receives. Find categories that resonate with your audience and add them to your Prismatic.


To grow your social media following you must spend time creating great content, but don’t forget to spend time curating great content.

If you’re only sharing your own content, your audience may feel like they’re being spammed. Use these three tools to make sure the content you are sharing is resonating with your audience.

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