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When it comes to human resources, payroll and overall “human capital” in business, there are very few companies that match Ceridian in terms of international reputation and results. Through great effort and cutting-edge technology, Ceridian has become a multinational success story and a powerhouse in human resources around the world for corporations and non-profits alike.

Since the company is all about helping companies run efficiently and have all the right resources for human capital management (HCM), there is a certain expectation that the mission of the company carries over into its dealings with outside vendors. If the vendor produces results, then chances are, Ceridian will be a loyal client.

So what does it say about when a Ceridian representative uses the platform several times for various marketing videos?

Cary Griffith works for Ceridian and has overseen several marketing projects for the company in various locations, and when he has needed a videographer, he has turned to more than any other similar platform.

“I moved over to SmartShoot after working for a bit with a competitor platform,” Griffith said recently. “In fact, when I was talking with someone in tech support at that competitor, she quite nicely and innocently mentioned SmartShoot as a competitor platform. After some frustration with this competitor, I tried out the SmartShoot platform several projects ago, and I have not looked back.”

The most recent completed project was a series of short profile videos produced in Colorado Springs, Colo., for the Pike’s Peak YMCA as part of an overall campaign to sell Ceridian’s HCM solutions to YMCAs around the country.

“Ceridian is not headquartered in Colorado Springs, of course,” Griffith said, “so I had to search out a quality videographer in the area to produce these vignettes for us. I was specifically looking for professionals who have prior experience working in front of a green screen. This is something that is common with most of our projects, and I have been pleased with the quality of the work and the professionals we have worked with through the SmartShoot platform.”

Griffith explained that there are a couple of reasons that he has stayed with the SmartShoot platform for each of the “six or seven” projects he has executed in 2014, and gave some insight as to why he may continue to use the platform for customer videos.

“The thing I am looking for the most is a balance between the quality of the work and the cost,” Griffith said. “And I have been able to find some real quality professionals at reasonable prices. But the feature of the SmartShoot platform that I really like is that I can search for professionals down to the ZIP code, which can be very handy when you are looking for professionals in a metropolitan area that has many ZIP codes in and around it. To be able to narrow the search down to just a couple of ZIP codes has been really beneficial.”

Griffith said that he very willingly recommends the SmartShoot platform to others, and he gives one key piece of advice to those looking to utilize the platform.

“Post your project at least a week in advance,” he said. “This should give yourself enough lead time to get some proposals back, sift through them and make contact with the professional you ultimately want to work with.”

Griffith said he had good experiences with every professional he has worked within the various cities in which he had projects executed, and said he finds an added benefit from the SmartShoot platform being the development of good relationships with quality professionals across the country.

“I am happy to recommend any of these people, and I feel confident that if and when I need some video in those cities, I have professionals already that I can call and have a high confidence level that I will get the quality work we need and expect.”

Griffith said the SmartShoot platform makes the search for professionals easy and efficient, which helps Ceridian with its bottom line in terms of producing their projects.

“It can be problematic to find the resources needed to pull off some of these projects,” he said. “SmartShoot really does make it easier to find them and put them to work, and that is something that we appreciate.”

Big thanks to Cary and the team at Ceridian for taking the time to share their story. Get started with your own customer driven marketing video today by browsing videographers near you.

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