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It is not uncommon to see an event photographer at performances, corporate events, and festive celebrations. They’re there to make sure that events are documented for prosperity and everything the organizers need for their portfolio is photographed. But it’s also a good idea to consider hiring a private party photographer, especially if it’s an event with important people in attendance. Having a photographer standing by will ensure that you’ll have lasting memories to keep once your party is over.


Event Photography by Rima Brindamour

Here are some of the things you can do to make your private party unforgettable with an event photographer:

Photos with VIPs

As the organizer, photographs with your VIPs – whether posed or candid – is something that you will certainly want. High quality images with your VIPs are definitely better than shots taken from a camera phone. Having their photos taken by a professional also highlights the guest’s importance.


Event Photography by Rima Brindamour

Planned Group Shots

Rather than just let your photographer take group shots as the party happens, plan these ahead of time. Planned group shots ensure that the people you want in a photo are all there. Setting up a group location like a grand staircase or in the middle of a formal garden is definitely better than simply taking group shots with the rest of the guests in the background. It’s an additional activity for guests to have fun with, especially if they’re taking pictures with people they know.


Event Photography by Neil Sontag

Mobile Studio

Setting up a mobile studio where your guests can have fun posing with select backdrops and studio lighting is another way to add flavor to your private party photography. This is a great option since your guests can be photographed wearing their elegant attire for the evening and captured in a portrait style manner. Alternatively, you can get also get a photo booth for posed group shots.

Online Viewing and Sharing

Having social media as part of your party is becoming more and more common. There are photo booths that automatically upload images directly to social media accounts or can send the party images to your email. Sharing is easier when photos can be shared instantly. Since mobile technology is getting more common, your guests will surely be surprised when they already see their photos shared via Facebook or Instagram even if the night isn’t over yet.


Event Photography by Alicia Zinn

Designed Souvenir Prints

Online copies of your party photos are great, but printed souvenirs are even better. Having photographs included with token giveaways as remembrance of a fun event will sure put a smile on your guest’s faces. There are different tokens to choose from ranging from refrigerator magnets, postcards, and photo booth ID type prints. Whichever you choose, these souvenirs would surely give a good impression to your guests. These small things are evidence that you really know how to throw a great party.

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