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$1.4 Billion Dollars – that’s how much has been spent on successful Kickstarter projects, but less than half of all Kickstarter projects are successful. How can you raise your chances of a successful Kickstarter campaign?

When backers donate to Kickstarter projects, they want to feel assured that they’re making a wise choice. Anyone can start a Kickstarter project, but a compelling, well-told pitch story delivered by a trustworthy and compelling team can help your project stand out from the Kickstarter crowd.

This is where the power of video comes in.

Unlike a paragraph of text or an infographic, a video allows your project’s potential backers to get to know you. Watching video of you and the rest of your team discuss your project lets potential backers connect with you, become inspired by your passion and story and build trust.

Product Demonstration Video by Rosa Rulvacaba

Like any other promotional product, viewers will be more impressed when your video carries high production values and is clear and informative. The best way to make a great Kickstarter video is by hiring a professional videographer to shoot your Kickstarter video. An experienced videographer will be able to steer you in the right direction and make sure you keep a few things at the front of your mind as you begin pre-production.

1. Let backers get to know you.

Introduce yourself and the rest of your staff. Give your backers confidence that they’ll be funding a dedicated team, educated in what they’re planning. Talk a little bit about how you got started in your industry and how long you’ve been working together. Some backers are more interested in the jockey than the horse, so tell the story of you and your team.

2. Familiarize them with your product or service.

After the audience gets to know your team, fill them in on the history of your project. Where did the idea originate? Are you working on an update to an existing product, or is this a completely new invention? If you’re planning something creative like a novel, film, or music album, explain the market niche you’re trying to fill.

Service Demonstration Video by Jay W.

3. Explain why you need funding.

People turn to crowdfunding for a variety of different reasons. What will you use your funds for? Are you building a prototype? Musical artists need to rent studio time and space, filmmakers have to hire actors and crew members, and entrepreneurs need to purchase supplies. This is also a good time to discuss in further detail what each backer will get for their donation upon the successful backing of your project.

4. Show your gratitude.

Despite how many times you write, “Thank you!” on your Kickstarters page, it’s not the same as saying it out loud. Along with thanking your backers, thank every interested party who watched your video. Conveying a warm, authentic personality will make viewers more likely to share your Kickstarter page with your friends. Remember that every time a new person watches your video, it generates more buzz for your project – and therefore, a higher possibility that your Kickstarter will be funded.

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