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Once you get your newborn’s pictures back from your photographer, you might feel overwhelmed. You’ll certainly want to start by sending out birth announcements to your friends and family members. Along with a picture of your child as the centerpiece, these announcements will also typically contain your newborn’s full name and the date and time of their birth. However, you’re bound to have plenty of newborn photos not used for your birth announcements. Here are a few ideas on the best ways for displaying newborn photography.

Displaying Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography by Amanda McCullough

  • A Picture Shelf. Install a shelf on your wall that isn’t part of a free-standing fixture. Room corners will work especially well. You can visit your local hardware store for the materials needed. Before installing a picture shelf, paint it the same shade as the picture frames you’ll be displaying on it. An eye-level picture shelf means every guest visiting your home will see your newborn’s pictures displayed prominently.

Displaying Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography by Davis Photography

  • Old Window Frames. Use a multi-panel window frame to display your newborn’s pictures. Mount the window frame against a wall, and then mount a different photo within each frame. This technique will look its best if you print your photos canvas-wrapped and leave them unframed. If this isn’t possible, attach a material such as craft foam to the back of your newborn photos.

Displaying Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography by Townsley Portraits

  • Coat Hooks. For this option, a large variety of different coat hooks can work. You can look for a plank-style bar with hooks protruding from it, or choose decorative coat hooks that can be installed directly against your wall. Use high-quality strong, twine, or wire in a matching shade to hang picture frames from each hook.

Displaying Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography by Ellie Kate

  • Overlaid Picture Frames. If you have more newborn photos can you know what to do with, overlaid picture frames are a great idea. Picture frame colors should have a theme. For instance, use light pink picture frames in the back row and baby blue picture frames in the front row, or use the same color frame for all your frames. Since this method can look very busy, picture frames are the best way to cohesively unify the photos. Display them on one or multiple shelves.

Displaying Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography by Pam Singleton

  • Photo Cubes. Timeless and practical, photo cubes are excellent for working parents and other family members. Fill these with your favorite newborn shots, and stack them up on top of each other. You can change which newborn photos are displayed the most prominently simply by turning them. These make a good gift for parents returning to the office after maternity and paternity leave.

Before deciding on how you’re going to display your newborn’s photos, think ahead. As your child grows, your walls and shelves will be filling up with pictures for years to come. Start looking for permanent spots in your home for newborn photos once you’re ready to display first birthday, preschool, and kindergarten photos as well. Think about choosing photo displays that will be easy to switch around once these start arriving.

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