Posted January 19, 2015 by Adam Hofmann

The business card is about to become quaint. Archaic. So 20th century.

It has been a well-used networking and connection tool in the business world for decades, and for good reasons – it’s compact, easily portable and has been tried and true.

That last part is important. When there is something so tried and true, the idea of changing it seems disruptive – which is where Jodee Rich and his team come in.

Jodee Rich, the CEO behind the CEO Registry, recently released a video from Lowercase Productions through the SmartShoot marketplace platform. The video, which lasts a little more than a minute, encapsulates where the business card has been and where the CEO Registry takes it: a new level that embraces the Internet, multimedia and the social Web.

Nick Paonessa of Lowercase Productions landed the opportunity through the SmartShoot platform, and according to Jodee, Paonessa nailed the concept.

“We have a unique approach to a new industry, so naturally we needed to educate our consumers about what we are doing,” Jodee said in a recent interview. “We were looking for someone who could not only understand the concept of our products, but be able to translate that into a beautiful, engaging video.”

“We were lucky to have forged a relationship with Nick Paonessa. After one breakfast and many long calls, Nick (was) able to fully understand … and translate his understanding into a beautiful video.”

You can see the video here:

As you can see, the CEO Registry has a lot going on. As Jodee put it, “We are creating an online identity with .CEO domain names and bundling social applications for our members.”

He admitted that pulling off this type of project while accurately and creatively telling the story about the CEO Registry would have been a tedious task in the past, before the SmartShoot platform.

“In the past, we would have performed a web search on production companies in the area,” Jodee said. “And the Hollywood market is pretty saturated, so while it’s possible we could have found Nick and Lowercase Productions, it’s not very likely.”

The SmartShoot platform is designed to facilitate finding and collaborating with filmmakers and photographers in a more convenient and time-effective way. Companies like the CEO Registry can post their project on the SmartShoot platform, and registered creative professionals like videographers, video production companies and photographers from around North America can place bids on the projects. The client company can then see each professional’s portfolio of work, conduct interviews and find the very best professional regardless of geography. And in some cases, SmartShoot will provide a staff member who knows the industry and can help “shortlist” potential hires.

“SmartShoot did a great job being responsive to our needs and was able to help us rapidly shortlist potential producers,” Jodee said. “Having a personal point of contact that understood the industry and could liaise with the producers was a great benefit.”

Thanks to the video by Lowercase Productions, the benefit of the CEO Registry can be effectively communicated to a broader audience and take executive-level networking to a whole new level. Kind of like SmartShoot, which takes finding and collaborating with creative media professionals to a whole new level also.

After all, it is all about disruption.

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