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SmartShoot has loads of inspiring photographers and filmmakers in it’s network and we want to tell their story. Starting today, we will begin publishing interviews with some of our most impressive creatives. Today, we are leading off with photographer, Guillaume Gaudet. Read his interview below and check out his work on SmartShoot.

Tell me about yourself. How did you get into photography?
If I remember well, I started becoming interested in photography when I was in high school. I was in a boarding school and I would, sort of, document our daily life. The pictures weren’t great but they’re good memories of that time. I was maybe the only one doing it. I kept taking pictures in college: portraits, parties or vacations with my buddies. I’ve got a lot of photo albums from that time. When I started working, I was less prolific and would mostly take pictures during my holiday trips. I think I’ve always wanted to become a photographer but I didn’t consider it as a potential career. I wish I had started sooner. I started taking photography more seriously when I moved to New York from Paris. I didn’t have a job so I would spend a lot of time on the streets taking photos. After posting them on a website, a few years later, I got the attention of licensing agents and ended up having some of my photos at galleries. From then, I spent more time on photography, learning and improving my skills and trying to take better pictures.

Guillaume Gaudet Wedding photograph. Guillaume Gaudet portrait photograph

Any current projects that you’re working on that you are excited about?
There’s a lot of different projects going on right now but nothing very concrete. It is in the preparation phase. Shooting for a new NY line of polo-shirts; maybe shooting for a travel magazine abroad (waiting confirmation); shooting a line of watches, etc. Also, I usually don’t know what my schedule will be in the next weeks. Most of my assignments happen very fast, a few are well prepared in advance.
Guillaume Gaudet SmartShoot portrait Guillaume Gaudet SmartShoot wedding photographer.

Who are your mentors? Who do you look to for inspiration?
A lot of photographers… I don’t have one mentor because I look at the work of a lot of people and get inspired by many. I love street photographers such as Willy Ronis, Vivian Mayer, Fan Ho, etc.Guillaume Gaudet Real Estate and Interior photography

With the barriers of getting into photography becoming fewer, how are you staying competitive in the quickly changing field?
That’s a good question. It is a tough industry. I try to put my work out there, send emails and promos, network, etc. I work all the time. I took my first vacation in January for the last 2 years and a half. I’m an emerging photographer so I have to work harder at the beginning to develop my business. You can be the best photographer, but if you don’t spend a lot of time on marketing it won’t work.
Guillaume Gaudet Restaurant Photography Guillaume Gaudet SmartShoot restaurant photography

What do you wish someone told you when you were just starting out? Any advice for fellow photographers?
If you’re not 300% passionate, don’t even try. I just regret I didn’t assist a photographer at the beginning. The best school is practice. I’m a self-taught photographer so I don’t think going to an art school is primordial, but assisting a photographer, at least for a short period, is important to me.

Guillaume Gaudet Real Estate Photography with Smartshoot
Guillaume Gaudet Headshot photography with SmartShoot Guillaume Gaudet Portrait photography with Smartshoot

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