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Photo retouching is used in all forms of photography. This process can take a regular product image and turn it into a high quality shot. Even the best professionals in photography cannot compete with the finish product created by retouching a photo. The majority of all product images you see today have been retouched in some form. If you’re using photos for advertising purposes, see how retouching product photography can benefit you.

Smudge removal

Sometimes no matter how hard you may try, you end up with some kind of smudge or blemish in your photos. This can be due to a dirty lens or some other unseen force. However, photo retouching has a variety of tools you can use to remove blemishes, or in cases where you are unable to remove it, blend the blemish into the background to where you can no longer notice it.

Retouching Product PhotographyProduct Photography by Jacqueline Hartung

Color correction

Whether working with an old black and white photo or just correcting colors within a photo, there are plenty of ways to use color correction in a photo. When working with color correction you need to think about the color wheel. Use colors that work well together, and avoid ones that will cancel each other out. Color enhancements can help to improve the quality and clarity of the image. Remember to pay attention to two specific areas during color correction: which colors are dominant in the photo and where the dominant colors are.

Retouching Product PhotographyProduct Photography by Herschel Mair

Background substitution

Another great aspect of photo retouching is the ability to remove an image from the background. Not only can this help you to remove a background that is distracting, but it will help you to replace the old background with something new. For instance, if you’re photographing your product outside, you can take the product and place it onto a new background; or you can remove the elements (such as the sky) from the photo and replace it with something more beneficial to the photo.

Retouching Product PhotographyProduct Photography by Kristina Concord

Brightness and contrast adjustments

Sometimes, when product photos are taken, they do not come out as expected. The images can be either too light or too dark. However, retouching the photo by adjusting the brightness and contrast of your photo can help them to be more visually appealing; often saving you both time and money from having to schedule another photo shoot. When retouching an image, it is very important to watch how you make your adjustments. If you’re not careful, you can easily adjust the brightness of the photo to where there you can no longer see the details. Remember: you want your image to have the natural highlights showcasing the details of your product, but you also want to make sure your images are not too dark as well.

Retouching Product PhotographyProduct Photography by Jay Esguerra

Retouching product photos allows you to enhance and restore the photo for print or digital purposes. There are many benefits to retouching your images. You can: correct the color, change the background, and even change the brightness and/or contrast of the photograph. When working with product photography, you want to make your images stand out, and using photo retouching can help you to obtain the image that best fits your needs.

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