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How does ShoreTel Sky, a provider of hosted VoIP phone systems, use video to decrease bounce rates and increase sales? I got a chance to chat with Michael Freeman, Sr. Manager of Marketing at Shoretel Sky, about how video helps their customers better understand their products, drives better quality of leads and increases conversions.

One thing you definitely want to pay attention to is how Michael and his team tailor the length and content of each video in key pages of the Shoretel Sky website to better engage and convert their customers.

Let’s get started!

How does video help ShoreTel Sky’s business?

Michael: We have had multiple videos made, using a quick draw style, that have been very effective for increasing the understanding of our products and services for prospective buyers. Making sense of VoIP and business phone systems can be complicated, so the videos help us make vague concepts easier to digest for visitors. Since adding the videos on our site, bounce rates have dropped while conversion rates and lead quality have all gone up.

How are you using video and where?

Michael: We use video throughout our site. Each video type has a target length and level of specificity given the location on the site and its context.

For example, product introduction videos are less than 2 minutes, whereas solution videos are greater than 2 minutes so we can focus on the entire process end to end.

Lastly, we like to keep our product demo videos at 40 seconds as they narrowly target a specific feature.

Here’s an example of a product introduction:

What’s a clever way you’ve used video?

Michael: We have gotten very positive feedback on our holiday video. Most companies just do a simple holiday graphic while others try to be overtly viral. Ours, on the other hand is very relevant to the season and to our product line. It’s a fresh take on a well known story.

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