Posted August 15, 2014 by Adam Hofmann

One of the challenges marketplaces face is creating efficiencies that work for both the buyers and the sellers. In the case of SmartShoot, we want to provide clients with access to the absolute best professional for their project. For photographers and videographers, we want to connect you with clients who fit your business. There are so many variables that come into play when thinking about how to make these matches.

Yesterday we released the new and improved, SmartShoot Performance Index (SSPI) that helps determine which jobs you are notified about and when. We made a short video that talks about the new algorithm and how it works for photographers and videographers on the platform. If you don’t have two minutes, there are some summary notes below.

The SSPI acts as an algorithm similar to Google’s PageRank. There are certain parameters it takes into account to help determine who is notified about specific jobs. There are three key contributors to your index: Appearance, Performance and Quality


The appearance score looks at several key factors related to your portfolio including…

Have you added a profile picture?
How long and informative is your bio and descriptions?
Do you have albums?
Have you added any images or videos?

By simply creating a portfolio, filling it with your best work and some unique content, you will set yourself up to score high in this area.


The Performance score looks at how active and engaged you are on the platform.

Are you pitching on jobs?
How many jobs have you completed?
Do you complete jobs on time and without issue?

If you’re a seasoned pro, all of this should come naturally to you. Keep doing great work and your SSPI will reflect that.


The Quality score looks at your entire body of work completed on the SmartShoot platform. If you have great reviews and people love working with you, you’ll have a high score in this area.

In summary, build a compelling portfolio, stay active on the platform and delight customers to work your way to a high SSPI. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or send us your feedback to

Happy Shooting!

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Adam is the Head of Marketing for SmartShoot. He looks after all things content marketing, SEO, social media, customer acquisition and growth. When he's not geeking out at the office, he's off on adventures taking photographs of the world.

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