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That’s right – you’re officially challenged to a pumpkin carve off. And you’re double challenged if you’re a startup in San Francisco on 2nd St. Consider this your public call out. Yes there’s a Giants parade today, yes it’s nasty outside, but channel your inner pumpkin carving spirit and you could win some free headshot photography. Check out the end of the post for how you can submit your best entry via the social medias.

It’s not every Halloween you get to carve a pumpkin at work. Unless you work at SmartShoot that is. Turns out this company pumpkin carving contest is a bit of a tradition around these parts and one that I was excited to take part in. Every Halloween, someone at the office (usually Molly) organizes small teams for a lunch and a little “team building” via pumpkin carving. I arrived yesterday at the wee hours of 7:30am excited to see that we’re talking about REAL pumpkins here. Not some small, measly looking things from your local big box store, but real, well-rounded, clean pumpkins. Promptly at 11am teams were allowed to select a pumpkin of their choice and get to work.

Team 1

The “San Francisco Hipster or a Bum?” Pumpkin



Team 3

The “I had a really great original idea, but it didn’t work out, so we did this!” Pumpkin



Team 4

The “Pirate with a beer dispensing mouth” Pumpkin



Team 5

The “Distraught Royals Fan” Pumpkin



Team 6

The “this is pretty self-explanatory” Pumpkin




Now I’m sure you’re quickly thinking, “please, please, please show me how to make my own amazing in-office pumpkin carving extravaganza!!” Boy do I have good news for you…

Step 1 – divide up into teams of 2-3 people


Step 2 – pick your pumpkin (assuming you already have pumpkins)


Step 3 – cut a hole in the top and take out the seeds and other “gooey stuff” as it’s scientifically called



Good work Nate!

Step 4 – pick a design by visiting your favorite site for image inspiration



“Yep…that’s the one that will bring us all the glory”

Step 5 – Print, draw, paint or stencil your design concept on the pumpkin. Plan carefully.



Kini’s precision hard at work

Step 6 – CARVE!!!!!!!









Step 7 – Lunch Break




Step 8 – Put on/in the finishing touches




Step 9 – Prepare for judging!








Step 10 – Each person votes once, your company can decide if you’re allowed to vote for your own pumpkin. Tally the votes!




Step 11 – Crown the winner (It was Team 5)




Step 12 – Team Picture!!!




That’s our story. What’s yours?

Tweet us or instagram your best pumpkin with #carveoff2014

Post it on our facebook page

The winning pumpkin will get a headshot portrait package courtesy of SmartShoot

**Must submit by 11:59pm on October 31, 2014 to win**

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